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This year, our sixth Foggy Moon Weekend, will be the best yet!
Come dance to the double-header fabulous Stringrays and Syncopaths, and to the calling of Lisa Greenleaf and Susan Petrick.
You don't want to miss any of the fun as we inaugurate our first weekend at the Monterey YMCA, an historic World War II-era USO wooden dance hall.
Register today online, with online payment available, too!
Register Here!
<![CDATA[This year's theme: Steinbeck Country!]]>Mon, 22 Oct 2018 22:43:05 GMThttp://montereycontradance.org/news-about-foggy-moon/this-years-theme-steinbeck-country Picture
As our decorations maven Bowen Lee put it: everyone always wants to know about Steinbeck Country. What is it, and where? Well, it's right where we love to dance!
Which is your favorite Steinbeck novel? The lush settings of his novels surround us here in Monterey County, from the Gavilan Mountains of The Red Pony and the Santa Lucias of The Pastures of Heaven to East of Eden in the Salinas Valley, to Cannery Row itself, the continued existence of which is due to that novel's success.
Who is your favorite Steinbeck character? From The Red Pony and The Pearl, to East of Eden, Cannery Row, and of course The Grapes of Wrath, Steinbeck captured recognizably human characters and filled with longings and sorrows, virtues and shortcomings. Is it Tom Joad, Doc Ricketts, or Dora? Perhaps young Jody with his pony? Or could it be George from Of Mice and Men, or Kino in The Pearl
On Saturday night, let your inner character out on the dance floor, as Bowen's hand-painted Steinbeck Country murals whirl as we swing!

<![CDATA[Just what you'll need: a massage!]]>Wed, 10 Oct 2018 04:40:02 GMThttp://montereycontradance.org/news-about-foggy-moon/just-what-youll-need-a-massagePicture
To keep you in good shape to keep on dancing the entire weekend, we suggest that you reserve your MASSAGE with Touch of TLC and our fabulous masseuse Sylvia. She will be offering massages Saturday 4pm-8:30pm and Sunday 6:30pm-10pm, in quarter-hour blocks, at $1 per minute.
​Reserve online at:  TouchofTLC4440.setmore.com

<![CDATA[Need Housing?]]>Fri, 10 Aug 2018 18:12:29 GMThttp://montereycontradance.org/news-about-foggy-moon/need-housingPicture
We have a very friendly dance community, and we want you to enjoy your Foggy Moon Weekend, no matter your budget!  If you'd like to stay with someone from our dance community, please email:
Mary Schaefer, Housing Coordinator, at housing@montereycontradance.org

<![CDATA[Work Scholarships Still Available]]>Thu, 21 Jun 2018 05:28:10 GMThttp://montereycontradance.org/news-about-foggy-moon/work-scholarships-still-available-housingAttention, dancers! If you are not sure you can afford to attend Foggy Moon, consider signing up for a work scholarship. We need your help, and we can help you attend! We can most likely find you a friendly place to stay, as well, to make your weekend most affordable.

Just go ahead and register, then work out the details with our Volunteer Coordinator, then we get to see you on the dance floor! Find more information here on work scholarships.
<![CDATA[Registration Now Open! plus Schedule]]>Fri, 01 Jun 2018 00:14:24 GMThttp://montereycontradance.org/news-about-foggy-moon/registration-now-open-plus-scheduleRegistration is open NOW. Click on the button below to register and pay now, either online or by mail. Work Scholarship applicants click for more info.
Register NOW!
Work Scholarship Info
Also, here's the Draft Schedule for our weekend this year, with several new items:
  • Continental Breakfast Sat & Sun
  • Tai Chi & Stretch Sessions with Cis Sat & Sun
  • Morning waltz sessions Sat & Sun
<![CDATA[Great bands & callers this year!]]>Mon, 05 Mar 2018 23:19:24 GMThttp://montereycontradance.org/news-about-foggy-moon/great-bands-callers-this-yearThis year is shaping up to our best Foggy Moon yet, with some of my very favorite bands and callers! We look forward to more time spent dancing and eating out with friends, more great memories from our comfortable hall with its breathtaking views, our endless snack table in the lounge, where you can relax and visit, and even enjoy watching and listening to the action in the hall on our bigscreen TV (try it, it's shockingly hypnotic).
We will be sharing news of this year's event as it happens. Check back later when we will share:
  • draft schedule by June 1st
  • our theme for the weekend, including costume theme for Saturday night's special dance!
Registration is all set to open on June 1st, and we think we will probably sell out this year. We look forward to dancing with friends old and new.
See you on the dance floor in November!